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1. ChitChat Bingo


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2. Heart Bingo


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Bingo Chat

Bingo Chat

Whereas in Bingo Halls chat was not encouraged during a game, on the internet, quite often you will find alongside the Bingo game conversations amongst players will be going on in the chat area.

It is customary for players to congratulate winning players with comments like "WTG," or "Way To Go". A “CM” (Chat Monitor) or ”CH” (Chat Host) that works for the bingo site will be present in the “CR” (Chat Room) and will be present to welcome players and create a friendly and communal atmosphere in the room. This includes will include congratulating players when they win a game as well as playing chat games in-between bingo. Most sites have a chat protocol known as chat etiquette or chatiquette.

At first this might be somewhat baffling and confusing, but in order to keep up with the pace of the virtual Bingo caller you will find computer Bingo players use shorthand for a variety of common expressions.

Below is a sampling of the most common abbreviations you'll see online:


Acronym Translation
Bak Back At Keyboard
Wb Welcome Back
Ltns Long Time No See
Roomie Another Member in Chat Room
XOXOXOX Hugs & Kisses
GM Good Morning

General Chat

Acronym Translation
1tg, 2tg Balls to go in Bingo
gg Good Going (Good Game)
gl Good Luck
gla Good Luck All
wd Well Done
wtg Way To Go!

Leaving Chat

Acronym Translation
AFK Away From Keyboard
b4n Bye For Now
brb Be Right Back
cu See You
g2g Got to Go
hagd Have A Good Day
hb Hurry Back
Tc Take Care
ttfn Ta Ta For Now


Acronym Translation
((name)) Hugs
? Please Explain
?4U Question For You
a/s/l Age/Sex/Location
Bf Boyfriend
Btw By The Way
CM Chat Master/Monitor/Moderator
e1 Everyone
fcol For Crying Out Loud!
gf Girlfriend
gr8 Great
k Okay
imo In My Opinion
jj Just Joking
l8r Later
l8r g8r Later Gator
lmao Laughing My A** Off
lol Laugh Out Loud
np No Problem
omg Oh My Gosh
Pls/Plz Please
pmsl Peeing Myself Laughing
ppl People
qt Cutie
rofl Rolling On Floor, Laughing
roflmao Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A** Off
Roomie A chat room member, i.e. anyone in the chat room
Soz/sry Sorry
tmi Too Much Information
thx Thanks
ty Thank You
ul Unlucky

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